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500ml of handcrafted ice cream goodness, locally made at our shop in Medicine Hat. Listed below are the flavours that are already made, or that we'll have ready by the next pickup time.

(GF) = Gluten Friendly

(DF) = Dairy Friendly

(If there's a flavour from our flavour page that's not listed below, we'll be working on the batch right away and hope to have it restocked in 3-5 business days)


Campfire Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Covered Strawberry (GF), Cookie Butter, Cookies & Cream, Espresso Flake (GF), Honeyberry Cheesecake, Island Mud Pie, Raspberry Curd & Haskap (GF), Chocoholic (GF), Salted Caramel Ribbon (GF), Vanilla Bean (GF), Prairie Berry Sorbet (GF), Vegan Chocolate Delight (GF, DF, V), Black Licorice, Candied Pear & Almond (GF/DF/V), Caramel Apple (GF), Decadent Peppermint, Cranberry-Orange Sorbet, Pina Colada, Toasted Coconut, Mini Egg, Mint Oreo, Peeps, Peanut Butter Pretzel

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