Ice cream is just the start of what we do

Ice cream made fresh and locally in Medicine Hat since 2020.

We started making ice cream for the simple joy of it back in 2015, for family and friends’ birthday parties. From there, our passion for ice cream led us to experiment with different techniques and unique flavour combinations.

We’ve been hooked ever since, and in 2020… Camp Ice Cream was born.

We are passionate about providing you with delicious small batch ice cream that features:

  • real cream
  • unique flavours
  • locally sourced ingredients
  • no preservatives
  • vegan options


The story behind our name

Giving back to summer camps is a big part of why we exist. For us, supporting our local economy is more than just thoughtfully creating recipes with ingredients from suppliers in this area. We started Camp with a desire to reinvest into the children and youth in our region, and the places that make their summer special.

For every pint we sell, we give $1 to camps in Southern Alberta. We hope it’s just one more reason you can feel good about buying local.

Where to Find Us

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