About CAMP Ice Cream

What if ice cream could strengthen our community? What if we could create a product that would spread joy and spark a sense of adventure and make others lives better?

CAMP ICe Cream

Our Mission:

The mission of Camp Ice Cream is to celebrate the adventure of life. We want to bring the joy, spark community, and encourage you to try something new. We handcraft our ice cream to help you explore a new world of flavours with the hopes that you might meet some fellow explorers on the journey. Pull up your camping chairs, pop open a pint and experience CAMP. Ice Cream, best enjoyed with a beautiful view.

A little bit about us

Our History

We started making ice cream for the simple joy of it back in 2015, for family and friends’ birthday parties. From there, our passion for ice cream led us to experiment with different techniques and unique flavour combinations.

We’ve been hooked ever since, and in 2020… Camp Ice Cream was born.

Why The Name CAMP

What's in a Name?

Giving back to summer camps is a big part of why we exist. For us, supporting our local economy is more than just thoughtfully creating recipes with ingredients from suppliers in this area. We started Camp with a desire to reinvest into the children and youth in our region, and the places that make their summer special.

Where can I find your ice cream?

Medicine Hat, Alberta

We are located at 1870 6 Ave SW Bay 1, Medicine Hat, AB. Our storefront is located in the light industrial area in Medicine Hat. We are currently open with limited hours but come spring we will be open full time. Our building is right around the corner from one of the most beautiful views of the worlds largest teepee. Along with our storefront we are currently selling our ice cream in three other locations. 

Why is Camp Important?

At CAMP Ice Cream we care about kids. For many children a summer camp experience encourages emotional intelligence, self-confidence, independence, leadership and other skills that are beneficial long into adulthood. We want to encourage and support this type of growth by partnering with Southern Alberta summer camps. The support you provide through purchasing our ice cream has a huge impact in the lives of our local kids.

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